Four Generations and a 65th Anniversary {McCook, NE Family Photographer}

What a rare opportunity is it to get 4 generation all together.  But when you have something as amazing as a 65th wedding anniversary, this family planned a surprise celebration that included pictures!


Family Pictures and Engagement Pictures Too! {Palisade, NE Family and Couples Photographer}

We are all about combining things around here.  Makes it more work in some instances but easier and worth it in others.  Especially when you have a beautiful couple and happy children to work with.


Family Pictures and 2 Year Old {McCook, NE family and Children Photographer}

With a 2nd birthday right around the corner we combined the opportunity of capturing little R's pictures with updated family pictures too!


Fall colors and Family Pictures {McCook, NE Family Photographer}

Before the Arctic chill hit us, we were able to go out and get some fall pictures in for this amazing family.  We had some beautiful fall colors and nice weather to go along with a day off from school.  The only thing we had to worry about was getting done before the football game!