Baby P-15 days new {Newborn Photographer Culbertson Nebraska}

 Born at over 9 pounds, this little guy was already out of his newborn size when I got to meet him.  He was a sweetheart and I could feel the love his family has for him.

The big O-N-E and a cake smash {Southwest Nebraska Children Photographer}

This little man is the big ONE!  He had lots lots of good smiles for me. He mostly just wanted to sample his smash cake and even after his dad smashed his hand in it, he just wiped it on his pants instead of eating much of it.  His foot just might have got in the frosting more then his hand!

Happy Birthday Mr. Britton!

He did enjoy the O and N and would have enjoyed the E had we nit taken it away hoping to get him to be interested in the actual cake part a bit more. 

Dad trying to help him eat some cake.

After cleaning him up we headed outside for some more pictures.  He was getting tired on us and this is what he does when he is tired.  Glad I finally caught it. 

After a break (aka a few days later) we finished up his pictures with his little cowboy outfit. 


Sam P. Cambridge High School {Southwest Nebraska Senior Photographer}

You know those instances when you meet someone for the first time and you can just tell they are set for great things ahead.  This young man is one of those instances.  It was great getting to know him and his family in the short time that I spent with them.  Best of luck to you Sam!  


Little Miss L is 4 days new {Southwest Nebraska Newborn Photographer}

Miss L came just in time to see me before I headed on vacation.  She was a sweetheart and her daddy sure has lots of beautiful girls in his life!