Little Miss L is 4 days new {Southwest Nebraska Newborn Photographer}

Miss L came just in time to see me before I headed on vacation.  She was a sweetheart and her daddy sure has lots of beautiful girls in his life!


Late First Birthday Pictures {Southwest Nebraska Children's Photographer}

This little miss is almost 14 months now.  With a few schedule conflicts and a last minute reschedule after she fell and banged up her face, we finally manged to get some pictures taken.  She didn't want to stay in one place for to long, but we had fun having stick fights in between snapping pictures!  


6 month old Little M. {Southwest Nebraska Children's Photographer}

It is Spring!  
We have had some cold and windy days, but it was just a pleasant day for this little guys 6 month session.  Little M's dad is a motocross rider/track owner and I loved the idea of using the race flags as a prop.  I'm sure glad his mama brought them along.