Another year, another family picture {Scottsbluff, Nebraska Family Photographer}

It has become tradition with this family to get pictures taken when we can get together around the fall.  Well with one cancellation of a trip, they managed to get a successful one in around Thanksgiving and boy did the weather ever cooperate with us by sending nearly 75 degree weather.  Sometimes things are just meant to work out, even if not on the first try!

Mom and Dad plus One (year old that is!) {McCook, Nebraska Family and Children Photographer}

We had had quite the mood swings in weather around here.  Some days have seemed like fall/winter where some have been even spring like.  All the leaves are off the trees and we are just waiting for some snow but since we had nearly 50 degrees one Saturday, why not go out and get some family pictures!  You may remember this little sweetheart from her cake smash pictures.  Well this time without the cake and her being a little more mobile, it took a little more convincing to get her to sit still....but when she did, boy was she just a cutie!


4 kids, 2 parents and a dog {McCook Nebraska Family photographer}

Sometimes the greatest challenge comes from taking my own families pictures.  This year my parents were in town and visiting as they made their way home after ending their mission in Palmyra, NY.  I took advantage of getting pictures of them with the kids and then also a 3 generation picture.  It also came in handy to have a person to take pictures over the remote!

We spent a little time with situations like this in trying to get the smiles from everyone...I guess adding a hyper dog into the mix was probably not the best...but we did get her to sit for a few pictures.

Frowns turned to smiles with this family of 5's pictures {Norcateur, KS Family Photographer}

With a bit of a drive to meet up with me, the little ones in this family found it to hard to resist falling asleep and weren't quite ready to get up upon arrival.  Miss K was ready to go so we started with her and eventually after a leaf fight and jumping in a pile of leaves we got some smiles from everyone.  And it didn't hurt that the dad was willing and ready with lots of silly faces to get smiles from his kiddo's.