Where's the new stuff?

I don't know how often this page gets visited.  
What I do know is that is has been a long time since I posted any pictures.
There is a reason and it isn't because I have stopped taking them...kind of the opposite.
I have been busier then ever and in order to adjust my time accordingly, a few things have stopped happening.  Sure, in the big picture it doesn't take long to post new pictures, but the time it does take to prepare the pictures, size them properly and then to just sit down and upload them, is time enough to read a book to my kids, help them with school work, or play with them while they still want me to!

So if you are here wondering about pictures and my work, I add at least one picture per session on my facebook page Staci B Photography

Thanks for visiting and maybe when life slows down, I will get back to blogging my sessions :)


Save the Date for J and A

May the future be filled with fun and adventure for this happy couple!


Brand New and Very Loved {McCook NE, Newborn Photographer}

The instant love which comes when a little one enters a family can sometimes fill a room and is always wonderful when it blesses my home for a few hours! 


3 months and growing!

In just 3 months this little man has changed so much.  It's great to watch all that is learned and changed during that first year of a little ones life.

Two Brothers and Some Pedal Cars {Child and Kid Photography Northwest Kansas}

It is great when a client brings their own props, especially when they are super cool pedal cars.  These 2 boys will have many hours of fun with them when they can both actually reach the pedals!


Class of 2016 {Senior Portrait Photography McCook Nebraska}

Being able to get to know a little more about someone is one of the great perks of being a photographer.  This young man built his own computer.  If we could have moved it out of the "dungeon" we might have just gotten him to take some pictures with it!