Save the Date for J and A

May the future be filled with fun and adventure for this happy couple!


Brand New and Very Loved {McCook NE, Newborn Photographer}

The instant love which comes when a little one enters a family can sometimes fill a room and is always wonderful when it blesses my home for a few hours! 


3 months and growing!

In just 3 months this little man has changed so much.  It's great to watch all that is learned and changed during that first year of a little ones life.

Two Brothers and Some Pedal Cars {Child and Kid Photography Northwest Kansas}

It is great when a client brings their own props, especially when they are super cool pedal cars.  These 2 boys will have many hours of fun with them when they can both actually reach the pedals!


Class of 2016 {Senior Portrait Photography McCook Nebraska}

Being able to get to know a little more about someone is one of the great perks of being a photographer.  This young man built his own computer.  If we could have moved it out of the "dungeon" we might have just gotten him to take some pictures with it!


A Healthy baby boy {McCook Nebraska Newborn and Family Photographer}

Welcome baby B!  Oh how little you are but how quickly you will grow and keep up with your older brothers.