3 Months and a Big Brother {Indianola Nebraska Children's Photographer}

There is nothing like shooting brothers to remind me just how different kids can be.  Little M was just content to lay there and had lots of smiles for his mom...not so many for me.  His big brother-Mr. Z was on the go, go, go, and gave us some great smiles once we got him outside and let him play with a ball.  We had some fun playing catch and catching his smile in the process.
Glad that we had some decent weather so we could go outside...spring is here and everything is starting to green up and bloom!


A new little one for the T Family {Southwest Nebraska Newborn Photographer}

The last time I saw this wonderful family, this little guy was just the size of a nugget all warm and cozy inside his momma's belly.  Now 10 days new and the size of a bucket of nuggets, we tried to keep him warm and cozy (and sleepy) for his pictures.

Another boy for the A family {Southwest Nebraska Newborn Photography}

With the warm and cold days trading off around it was nice to heat the house for this little guys newborn session.  He was a little sleepy at first but toward the end he was wide awake and showing us his new baby blues!

Looking forward to capturing him with his siblings when he is a little bit older.


Mr. E is already One! {Southwest Nebraska Children's Photography}

Remember this little guy?
He just had his first birthday!!

It has been fun watching him grow and learn and change from the little newborn to a toddler.

He got to a point where he wanted very little to do with the camera and we played some peek-a-boo with his blanket and as soon as he got a hold of it, he put his thumb right into his mouth and I was able to capture this (which just might be one of my favorite images) 

And a stop at the park to end our session, but once outside he really wanted nothing to do with the camera anymore.


Being 3 is so much fun {Southwest Nebraska Children's Photography}

This little sweetheart was a little overdue for her birthday pictures, so we set up indoors to avoid the cold weather outside and had some fun getting her pictures done.

To get out of the "cheese" rut we had a silly face contest and she totally rocked. 

and nearing the end I asked her to "strike a pose" and she delivered! 


Senior Pictures with the snow {Southwest Nebraska Senior Photographer}

When the snow fell last week we knew it was time to try and get the pictures this senior was wanting.  Thankfully we had one day that was warm enough (if 30 degree is warm!) to head out and brave the cold to get these beautiful images.